Dr. Ing. Masahiko Mori látogatóban the Gravitás 2000 Ltd. at Hungary

Dr. Ing. Masahiko Mori látogatóban a Gravitás 2000 Kft-nél

Dr. Ing. Masahiko Mori, the president of the Mori Seiki Machine Tool Company visited the Gravitás 2000 Ltd. in Budapest, Hungary on 07. June 2012. Mr. Zoltán Fülöp owner, Mr. Lajos Hajagos managing director and Mr. Sándor Markos R&D consultant welcomed the visitors. Also there was Mr. Silvio Lehmann, the managing director of DMG/Mori Seiki Europe AG, Mr. Dorin Schäffer, the managing director ofDMG/Mori Seiki

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